Maximize Your Labor Negotiations and Strategy with Klaus's Union Experience

Klaus brings decades of invaluable union experience to the table, making him an ideal partner in enhancing your labor negotiations and strategy.

Unleash Your Organization’s Potential in the Maritime Industry

Unions play a fundamental role in ensuring the ongoing success of the American maritime industry. By leveraging Klaus’s expertise, you can position your team and company to maximize the benefits of union collaboration, while effectively managing expenses. Negotiations and contracting don’t have to be adversarial. A collaborative approach can often yield positive results beneficial to all parties. 

Decades of Union Experience – A Powerful Advantage

Drawing on over two decades of union experience, initially as a mariner on deep-sea vessels and later as an elected union official, Klaus possesses an in-depth understanding of union operations and their priorities. This gives him unique insights into how to navigate union dynamics and forge mutually beneficial outcomes.

Business-Oriented Perspective for Ideal Results

Building on his five years as a successful business owner, Klaus combines his union expertise with a deep understanding of the business case. He focuses on facilitating ideal outcomes that prioritize the safe operation of your vessels and the safety of your highly-trained crews while enabling your business to flourish.

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