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Time and Navigation

I had the privilege recently to visit the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England and see firsthand not only the demarcation of 0° longitude, known as the Prime Meridian or the Greenwich Meridian, but also John Harrison’ s revolutionary timepieces.  This visit is a rite of...


Great Lakes Dredging Crisis

The annual Great Lakes Waterways Conference, themed, “Recovery, Renewal & Reinvestment 2012,” was held during the last week of February in Cleveland, Ohio.  Various industry experts from both Canada and the United States attended and participated in roundtable discussions on the current state of Great...


The Fatigue Cliche’

Has the concept of fatigue simply become a buzzword for criminalized mariners when they are forced to defend themselves against punitive Coast Guard investigations?  Or is the idea of fatigue legitimate?  In this modern age and with all the studies that have been conducted on...