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Innovation in Shipping is Dead

This Bloomberg article from two days ago talks about Amazon and Google not being part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average despite massive market cap and global influence. It’s interesting from a maritime shipping standpoint because shipping is decidedly an industrial business. A staid, long-term, industrial...


What is the Maritime Security Program?

The Maritime Security Program (MSP) was first passed in 1996, and originallycomprised a fleet of 47 U.S. flag militarily-useful vessels. The MSP was reauthorized in 2003 and expanded to a fleet of 60 militarily-useful vessels for FY 2006-2015. On January 2, 2013, the President signed...


National Maritime Symposium a Hit

The Maritime Administration (MARAD) held its National Maritime Symposium during the week of January 13th. There were no fireworks and everything went as expected. The general consensus across the maritime industry is that it was a nice gesture on the part of Maritime Administrator Jaenichen...